Murray Watt was elected as a Senator for Queensland in 2016.

He is the Albanese Government’s Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Minister for Emergency Management. 

Murray is Brisbane born and bred, and has strong family ties to regional Queensland, with both sides of his family having a long history in farming and teaching.

For over 20 years, Murray's working life has been spent as an advocate for others, as a lawyer, a public servant and as Chief of Staff to former Premier Anna Bligh. Murray also served one term as a Queensland State MP and Assistant Minister in health and economic portfolios.

As a Minister in the Albanese Cabinet since 2022, Murray has focussed on delivering for all Australians: ensuring we remain safe from exotic animal diseases, helping farmers adapt to climate change and access new international markets, addressing critical workforce shortages in the agriculture sector and supporting communities to prepare for and respond to natural disasters.
Murray and his wife Cynthia have two children who are both keen soccer players and he gets to as many games as he can!